See What Our Great Patients Have to Say About Us

We go to our dentist when we are “Down in the mouth.” When I leave my Nampa Smiles I am very up in spirit. Dr. Keller has been my care giver since my coming to Nampa many years ago. As fees increased I considered finding dentistry with a lesser cost, but I could never make the move. I could not leave the caring atmosphere where professionalism reigned, yet you could share things how your kids were doing, where you were going on your vacation or your trip to Portland. My smile is important to my work/profession and to the volunteer work that I do in the community. Thanks Nampa Smiles for helping me keep one of my best features.

Vernell C.

I have been coming to Nampa Smiles for sometime now. They are friendly and efficient, so a wonderful job. Sandy is one of the friendliest sweet people I know. She is a real asset to the business.

Lucille P.

Everyone you encounter in this office is so warm and friendly. You feel comfortable being here. The hygienists are the best!! Whenever I’ve had an emergency, Dr. Keller and his staff gets me in quickly and I was cared for. Everyone is always gentle and professional. Sandy is a Gem.

Pat. H

Every time I come in I am treated with kindness and respect, and everyone here makes me feel like I am a person, and I have such a complete confidence of the dental work that is done here at the office. I really love coming to the dentist at Nampa Smiles.

Lois C.

You are the embodiment of your name “Nampa Smiles.” The friendliness and professionalism of the staff relieves al apprehension and while a dental visit is not a trip to Disneyland your quality of care, your courtesy, our smiles make it a walk in the park. Thanks and keep on smiling.

Susan C.

I had an implant done here at Nampa Smiles; it has been trouble free and fairly painless. It has been amazing. I am really happy with having a “permanent” tooth in a missing sport in my mouth. People are friendly and work with my schedule and it is nice to have an office appreciate you coming to them for your dental needs. I love to have my teeth cleaned by intelligent and friendly hygienists.

Dan W. Jr.

I have always had a great fear of going to a dentist. So I didn’t for a very long time. Then I heard about having sedation to have a lot of work done that had been neglected for years. I was so happy I did it and very satisfied. Dr. Keller and his staff is the best. So so friendly and kind. Thanks so much everyone.

Terrie C.

We come to Dr. Keller’s practice from being long time patients of Dr. Bingham. We have been extremely satisfied with the transition and now our children and grand children are also patients. The staff, hygienists and Dr. Keller is all first rates

Randy H.

The blessings of being a patient at Nampa Smiles:
1. Quick response to meet my dental needs easily and quickly assessable.
2. Pleasant environment
3. Greeted as a significant person.
4. Professional expertise for excellence.

Ray B.

I just have to say Nampa Smiles is the Best! They are so professional and friendly. My kids get so excited to come in for their check ups; you would think they were going to an amusement park. We love Dr. Justin and all the staff.

Stacy S.

Old world charm; hardwood floors, comfortable brown couches, classic tables, a library with books and a smart elegance combined with a foyer with trees, make this a pleasure to be here even if one does not have an appointment. The service extends beyond with a friendly good looking staff, a play room for children, and televisions on the ceilings which can be watched while being treated. With treatment many flavors of mouth wash are offered. I live in Boise but I travel to Nampa Smiles because I feel pampered after being here.

Irma W.

The extractions of me teeth for my dentures was almost completely pain free. I was given a pill to take before. I came in and barely remember anything after that. I went home and slept most of the day and then I was fine. Dr. Keller and his staff are great. They always make me feel very comfortable. They really take the time to listen, taking away any apprehension I have.

Julia B.